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Information Operations

In the realm of Information Operations (IO), multi-functional capabilities are critical. IO represents a great deal more than media-related functions. To be truly effective, defense contractors must understand the interrelationship of its constituent disciplines and possess expertise in everything form emerging trends and technologies to evolving legal authorities with a focus on the Web 2.0 information environment.

LEGION GSG provides personal services and performance-based manpower augmentation and technology solutions; both within the Continental United States and Overseas (including hazardous and austere environments) to support full-spectrum Information Operations and Inform and Influence Activities to include the planning, phasing, integration, and synchronization at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels across the five core competencies (e.g., CNO, EW, MILDEC, MISO, and OPSEC) and their support functions.

Our corporate core competencies include:

  • Inform and Influence Activities (IIA)
  • Cultural/Behavioral Analysis
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Information Preparation of the Environment/Battlefield (IPE/IPB)
  • Information Operations Intelligence Integration (IOII)
  • Intelligence Support to IO (ISIO)
  • Inter-agency Coordination
  • Military Deception (MILDEC)
  • Non-Kinetic Targeting
  • Military Information Support Operations (MISO)
  • Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) Development
  • Planning Support